It looks like a cloud!

This weekend, we hit a major milestone: we successfully put together the voxel cloud. Hundreds of squares and over a thousand zip ties went into the assembly of this object. And we owe it all to you! Thank you, dear backers, for helping to make this happen. You are wonderful, and we love you.

On the electronics front, we have a rain controller! It hooks up to the Raspberry Pi GPIOs and controls up to three valves. The electronics team did a great job of soldering everything together. In other electronics/software news, a bunch of the LED controllers are also done, and Micah wrote a “shader” for the cloud, which lets us do some nice cloud and lightning effects with our 2560 LEDs with a nice, smooth frame rate. Ed and Samson teamed up to give us a touchscreen UI for controlling both light and sound effects.

To be continued as the Cloud continues coming together!