Kickstarter Concluded! Cloud Construction Continues!

Yesterday, our Kickstarter triumphantly concluded, and we all rejoiced. Not only did we meet our goal, but we exceeded it goal by a significant amount! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. (Also, our friends the Charcade totally hit their goal, so thanks to all you Cloud backers who helped them out as well).

Cloud construction is proceeding at a rapid pace! On the lighting front, a very heavy box of LEDs just arrived, straight from the factory. Micah has cut, tested, and packed 40 strips of 64 LEDs each. They are ready to install on the cloud! Additionally, J has finalized our order for the gridcloth, which we will use to diffuse the LEDS to give the cloud a soft glow. Expect pretty photos of cloud lighting soon!

Elizabeth has been working on a kick-ass playlist for the cloud. We have a working list of songs, heavily coated in cheese (it is Burning Man after all!), that pertain to rain and clouds. From November Rain by Guns and Roses to Cloud 9 by the Temptations, we’ve got you covered. We’re also amassing a list of songs in French and Spanish, such as La Pluie et la Beau Temps by Zazie and llueve by Ella es Tan Cargosa. We also have a dose of classical music relating to rain, and of course some video game music to go along with our 8-bit design aesthetic.

Voxel fabrication has been going strong all weekend long! Thank a bajillion to all the amazing Cloud engineers we’ve had on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday! We’ve run out of zipties several times, figured out the Way of the Three Sided Box, double handed the zipper guns, lined silver, and generally had a wonderful time.

We are now halfway finished with complete Cloud pieces! Here’s a status update from Lyra:

  • Laz0ring my pixels: 100% Finished!
  • Silver lining: 70%
  • CAD wrangling: 100%
  • Voxels created: 55%
  • Completed Cloud pieces: 50%

Finally, here is a photo by John showing part of the cloud frame attached to the rail. GO TEAM CLOUD!