New cloud designs, prototype voxels, and lots of steel!

First of all, thank you all so much! As of today, we’re 75% funded, with 9 days to go. We’re so close!

A lot’s been done in the past week. Lee’s been working hard on the final cloud design, and has prepared some beautiful renders so we can see how things have progressed:

(AMCP front view)

(AMCP side view)

We’ve also been busy working out exactly how we’re going to make these things. Our strength and LED diffusion tests tell us that HDPE is the right material, and we’ve been able to get good cuts on the laser with the addition of more air pressure. It’s looking like we’ll cut the cube faces with a hydraulic shear, and then add the fastener holes with the laser. This hybrid strategy will make the cleanest parts in the shortest possible time, and that’s important since we need to make about 1000 voxels.

Here’s Eden with some of our prototype voxels. Ignore all those dangly ziptie ends… 🙂

And here’s a video of the laser cutting those parts:

Work on the water and lighting systems is going great! Micah and DJ have picked out the right technologies and put in our LED order yesterday. Software work is underway, and code will start appearing on Github shortly.

Finally, Simon and friends have been rocking it on the steel fabrication. The load-bearing components are finished, and the platform railing and speaker mounts are nearly done too.

Thanks again to all our Ardent Supporters. Because of your help, this thing is going to be awesome!