New Rewards! Plus, Your First Glimpse of the 8-Bit Flowers!

WOOOOOO! We are so, so, oh-so very close. 5 days left, and $474 is what we need to hit our goal. Soon, we’ll be announcing some very exciting stretch goals, but for now, we have another special announcement: we’ve added three brand-new reward tiers!

For those of you who missed out on the 8-bit plastic and paper flowers, which flew like hotcakes during the first week of the Kickstarter campaign, we’ve added the options to get more. Plus, we have one very special reward that will give you a one-day pass to our shop, where you’ll get to see the Cloud come to fruition! Don’t forget, you can change which reward you get if you already backed this campaign and missed out.

The new reward tiers are:

$35 or more: SYNERGY. 8-bit styled flowers from The Cloud™. We’ll mail you an even more lush, full bouquet of laser-cut paper flowers than in the sold-out “EVANGELIST” tier. These will be replicas of the pixel flowers covering the base of the Cloud Platform. Plus, everything from the INTERN reward tier.

$75 or more: SCHMOOZE. You get to come schmooze and rub dirty shoulders with the best and brightest of our Cloud architects at our shop in Oakland on one of our Saturday work days. You’ll get up close and personal with the AMCP and the AMCP crew while enjoying ice cold Tecate in our highly exclusive Ardent Ultraloungue (AKA those couches we put in the loft of our shop). If you’ve ever wanted to see what it really takes to make big art happen, or if you just want to hang out with a bunch of metal fabricators (including a few who will be embracing the ideal of “safety third” and be working in a pair of booty shorts), then this is the reward for you! Come play a game of DDR, watch the cloud come to life, and marvel at the heaps of old projects in the shop!

$90 or more: NINJA. Plastic flower from The Cloud! We’ll send you a laser-cut plastic 8-bit styled flower that will be a replica of the ones we will use at the the base of our cloud platform! Unlike the ones in the sold-out VISIONARY tier, these will be shiny and new. Plus, everything from the INTERN reward tier, and the AMCP t-shirt!

Above is your first look at our concept for the 8-bit plastic flowers, created by the talented Lyra Levin. Please bear in mind that this is just our starting point, and that colors and shapes are subject to change as we refine our design.

Go git ’em!